Guy shoots up strip club because they wouldn’t let him leave with a beer

Everyone has a different idea of their ideal strip club experience.

This guy just wanted to take his beer with him, which is frowned upon by just about every liquor selling establishment, so he voiced his displeasure by opening fire on the club.

Just before 2 a.m. last Thursday, cops were called to the Shark Lounge (awesome) after reports that an angry patron opened fire on club personnel. Employees of the club told cops that Krishna Swamy left VIP area of the Shark Lounge in a huff because they wouldn’t let him leave while holding on to a cold one.

According to his arrest affidavit, Swamy then flung his drink at Sandberg, got into his Ford Explorer, grabbed a .30-06 rifle equipped with a scope and fired above the heads of employees Evelyn Sinka and Peter Lutz, hitting the building just below the Shark Lounge sign.

According to the police, Swamy is “mentally ill” and was apprehended after a police chase and found with two shotguns and ammunition in his truck.

Swamy was held in jail for at least the length of two lap dances.

[via Daytona Beach News Journal]