Hands on/up with Sam Adams Octoberfest

I’ve been slowly trying every Oktoberfest beer on which I can get my hands, and one seems to pop up exponentially more often than the others. There apparently isn’t a bar in Chicago without Sam Adams Octoberfest.

Colin Joliat

Like many of Sam Adams beers, the Octoberfest is an outstanding brew that doesn’t push the envelope. It’s a perfect example of a märzen-style lager, but doesn’t try to do too much. That isn’t a negative, either. In a world where extreme beers are deified, it’s nice to just get a straightforward, high quality beer. It’s malty with subtle spice and slightly caramel and/or nutty flavor depending on what I’m thinking at the moment. The carbonation is spot on, leaving it surprisingly light-bodied for a dark copper beer. I don’t want to brag, but I could easily drink a dozen of these, responsibly of course.

Very little has changed over the years for Sam Adams Oktoberfest. If you drank it last year, the 2013 iteration is essentially the same. I’m not a fan of change for the sake of change, so I’m happy to see the consistency. Sam pretty much nailed it the first time, anyway. One thing you will notice though is that it’s available in Sam Adams fancy new cans.

Sam Adams attempted to set the record for largest beer stein hoist last year. This time around they are challenging fans to hoist a stein for as long as possible. Official events are being held across the country, and the the male and female who can hold the five pounds of glass and water the longest will win a trip to Munich for Oktoberfest next year.

If you have a frail ego, I wouldn’t recommend trying to top the current record. Two women in Seattle are tied for the longest stein hoist with 9:26. That’s one second longer than the top man. I lasted about 3 minutes, per usual.

Colin Joliat