Hero jumps out of moving car to avoid argument with his girlfriend

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Have you ever wanted an argument to end so badly you’ve considered jumping out of a moving vehicle? Well, meet Alice Finley, the woman who drove her boyfriend to do just that.

Above is a crude representation of the events that transpired in Fife, Washington. KomoNews reports:

A local man decided he would rather dive from a moving car than keep arguing with his girlfriend Saturday in Fife, according to charges filed in Pierce County Superior Court after the girlfriend reportedly tried to run from police.

According to the charging documents, a Fife Police Department officer was driving in the 3000 block of Pacific Highway around 3:30 p.m. Saturday when he saw a man jump out of the passenger seat of a moving car and fall into the street.

The car drove into a parking lot, where the driver — later identified as 33-year-old Alice Finley — quickly stopped and accelerated to close the open passenger door. The officer could hear Finley yelling at the man, who was walking away.

The man said Finley was his girlfriend of nine months and he loved her. He told the officer he jumped from the car because he didn’t want to argue with her anymore.

Let’s look at another reimagining, shall we?

According to the court records, Alice Finley didn’t stop her car after being chased by police because ‘she and her boyfriend were arguing and she didn’t want to deal with it.’

That basically tells me everything I need to know about her…and I feel compelled to reiterate an old saying right now: Gentlemen, don’t stick your dick in crazy.

If you’re willing to jump out of a moving vehicle just to shut up your nagging (and possibly psychopathic) girlfriend, you never should have gotten involved in the first place. That said, sometimes we’re not always thinking with our noggins, are we?


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