Hit-Girl goes mental in trailer for ‘Carrie’ remake

by 6 years ago

The all-time classic horror movie, Carrie, is being remade to terrorize a new generation. Hit-Girl Chloë Grace Moretz will have young girls everywhere too scared to shower at school, and that’s just from the trailer.

Carrie was due for an update, and it just goes to show you that bullying isn’t some new phenomenon that “kids these days” started. It was alive and well in 1976. Much like the real world, it doesn’t look like much has changed in the movie. Don’t expect to see Chhloë Grace Moretz naked in the opening shower scene though you pervert. Moretz is only 16 whereas Sissy Spacek was 26 when she played the part. This might be the first time in Hollywood history that a high school aged kid is playing a high-schooler. Way to go, Hollywood!

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