How to be a total cheapskate in ‘Dead Space 3’

By far the biggest beef everyone has with Dead Space 3 (and there are a TON of issues) is its reliance on microtransactions. Thankfully, there’s a way to buck the system.

Courtesy of GameFront is an exploit that allows you to farm unlimited resources in the just released horror-survival in outer space sequel. For those who haven’t heard, EA thought it would be a good idea to charge people real world money for in-game items. Granted, this is hardly new; for years you’ve been able to buy silly little things to enhance your character’s look and feel.

But here we’re talking about stuff that will help (or in some cases are necessary) to actually beat the game. The best part is, when asked why they’re doing this, the developers basically said: “well, kids are used to microtransactions in iPhone and Android games!” And it’s true, but those titles are usually free, or maybe $2 at most. And not some $60+ PS3/Xbox 360 game…

It’s worth remembering that this is an exploit, so there’s a good chance that EA will fix this ASAP (especially since it’s legit costing them money). So I’d suggest taking advantage as soon as possible.