It’s summer and that means one thing: people awkwardly dancing to The Phish From Vermont

by 5 years ago

For crusty hippies and hippie-hating jam band addicts alike, summer means one thing: Phish is on tour.


So what better way to welcome back the Phish from Vermont’s annual run through the northeast, of which I’ll be joining them on no less than 6 shows, than compiling a phan favorite collection of people raging to The Phish for the first time.

These memes have existed within the world of Phish Phandom for years now, but given how insular the culture is they’ve never made it to the mainstream. Which in my humble opinion is a bit of a shame, given that these videos are equal parts asinine and hilarious.

For instance:

Turkish Men Rage The Phish For The First Time

Little Bros Rage The Phish

Soul Train rages The Phish From Vermont

Carlton rages the Phish

90210 dance party to The Phish

Tequila + The Phish = Rage Fest

The Breakfast Club ragefest to The Phish


The 10 most WTF things to happen in Florida in the past week

Insane police chase makes its way to golf course

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