Leatherman Rime is a multitool in a carabiner

Around here, we love multitools. Especially simply designed multitools that turn something you need anyway into a far more useful item. So needless to say, we love the Leatherman Rime, part of a series of tools for snowboarders that turn the carabiner you use to keep things on your person as you go down the mountain into something you’ll use beyond that.



The Rime packs a lot into a small form factor. You’ve got a wax scraper, a #3 screwdriver that works on both flathead and Phillips, lace assist, and for people who don’t believe in safety, there’s headphone storage and a place to clip an iPod Nano.

Oh, and the obligatory bottle opener, because every multipurpose piece of drop-forged steel needs to have a bottle opener.

If that’s not quite enough multitool for you, you can upgrade to the Leatherman Hail, which is the same price but includes a wrench. And if that’s still not enough, the Hail can have a full-featured Leatherman tucked inside it.

In other words, you basically have no excuse not to hit the slopes prepared. The Hail and Rime cost $25 each.

Leatherman Rime [Signal Snowboards]