Massachusetts man drinking 351 beers for charity

There are plenty of ways to give to charity, but one man, Todd Ruggere, has found the most fun method. He’s drinking a Sam Adams all 351 Massachusetts towns to raise money for children’s cancer research.



I’ve raised funds for charity by climbing 360 flights of stairs, competing in the Men’s Health Urbanathon, and even spending 5+ hours running a marathon. Boy do I feel stupid. Ruggere is much smarter with his effort. Who wouldn’t want to drink beer for a cause?

And with each swig, he’s raising money for Dana Farber and the Jimmy Fund to help with children’s cancer research.

“I’ve always wanted to raise money for it and never really had a good idea, and I came up with this idea and everyone seems to love it,” Ruggere said.

His mission: one beer a day at a different bar, in a different Massachusetts town.

It may seem like a poor use of gas money, but it should end up being a paltry sum in comparison to the total amount raised. I have a funny feeling that Sam Adams is going to offer to match the money that Ruggere raises, in which case the expense of the adventure will be negligible. It’s certainly a much better idea than anything I’ve come up with thus far, so more power to him! If you’re in MA and care to share a beer or just want to follow along on the journey, his twitter handle is @351SamChallenge and Facebook page MassBeerTour.