MidiWing: Play music now, without training

MidiWing actually has a fairly noble goal: making it possible for people with disabilities to easily compose and play music. But as a side effect it also makes composing much easier to do for those of us who lack any sort of innate or trained musical ability.



How does the MidiWing pull this off? The short answer is that it separates the notes you create from how you control the music. In most instruments, notes are created by manipulating the instrument directly; you pluck a string, you blow through a valve, or you strike a surface.

Then you control how the sound you made resonates in various ways; on a guitar you’d press on a point in the neck, on a wind or brass instrument you’d open or close a valve, and so on.

With this gadget, all you have to do is move a joystick. It’s digital, so all the tuning and getting the right pitch is taken care of by the electronics.

It’s great for people who may be struggling with physical problems, but, hey, net benefit for the rest of us, too.

MidiWing [Official Site]