Nobody should buy an engraved iPad for Valentine’s Day

Apple is supposedly facing slower sales of the iPad than expected, which is a bit like saying the Ravens should have crushed the Patriots by 56 instead of 28. They’re still dominating the field. But nonetheless, Apple’s job is to make iDevices and sell you iDevices, and thus they have a terrible idea for Valentine’s Day.


Namely, buying an engraved iPad to show your wuv.

This is not to say that a tablet cannot be a thoughtful gift. It absolutely can be, especially if you know somebody who needs one. But, there are a few reasons not to buy your loved one an iPad.

The first and most basic is the brutal reality that this thing is getting recycled in three to four years. Look, it’s cruel and unfriendly but it’s the truth: ultimately tablets and smartphones are built to be chucked in the trash.

Secondly, consumer electronics are rarely a romantic gift, and $300, minimum, is a hell of a lot of scratch to splash out for an engraved iPad. You know what else $300 buys you? A romantic meal. Guess which one will seem more thoughtful?

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