NoteMark: Finally a spy pen for the office

We all want James Bond gadgets. Partially because an oil slick would make commuting a lot more fun, but partially because a lot of Bond’s stuff would actually be useful in day-to-day situations.



Well, probably not the submarine car. But you know what we mean. And now, you can have your very own Bond gadget for the office: A pen that’s also a document scanner.

The NoteMark is a pretty clever idea. Built into the top of the pen is a tiny digital camera with a 5 megapixel sensor. Honestly, a sensor that tiny isn’t going to take art photos, but what the hell, this is for documents. A laser frame pops up, letting you exactly center the text you want preserved, and you take the shot.

Then, later on, just plug the pen into your computer and it’ll upload the images. It even automatically syncs with Evernote, so you have all your stuff across all your devices. Oh, and it records voice memos, too.

Of course, it’s $125, so you probably won’t be getting these from the supply closet. But if you have a lot of whiteboards to note, it’s good to have.

The Pen-Sized Scanner [Hammacher Schlemmer]