Ordinary citizens exhibit extraordinary strength, free man trapped by train

A man because trapped between a train and the train platform at a station in Perth, Australia. Then, ordinary citizens banded together to free him, pretty incredible stuff.

Here we can clearly see the man as he has fallen through the cracks, leg stuck between the train and the platform. What then ensues is a both an incredible display of community, and the drive of city dwellers to never be delayed. As everyone bands together to actually physically push the train over far enough to free the man’s leg.

ABC Australia reports:

Scores of passengers, together with staff at Stirling station, managed to tilt the carriage so the man could free his leg which was wedged in the gap.

An ambulance was called but the man was not taken to hospital. It is believed he did not sustain serious injuries.

So there we have it, Superman is real, and lives deep within each and ever Australian…or something like that. My own theory is this superhuman display of strength comes from these Aussies being born into a world of danger, and constantly having to box Kangaroos and fight off Great White sharks with their bare hands.


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