Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale coming to wedding near you

Move over champagne toast, there’s a new king of the wedding circuit. Sam Adams is releasing 2013’s Brewlywed Ale, a beer designed especially to celebrate the joys of matrimony. Unfortunately you’ll have to be in Boston to get this “unfathomable” 2nd iteration of their Brewlywed series.

On June 26th, we’re inviting everyone back once again for the chance to get their hands on this year’s batch, available for purchase exclusively on this day at the brewery. We’ve brewed just 300 cases of this 750mL cork-caged specialty beer so if last year is any indication, people will be lining up early for their chance to purchase a bottle or a couple of cases.

My first question given my status as an eligible bachelor was how long the beer would last. Unfortunately I was told by Sam that it’s good for six to nine months. I don’t see myself meeting, seducing, and wedding a woman in that time frame, but I love beer and will spitefully drink it so those getting married can’t. I suppose I could also use bottles as wedding gifts.

There is a slew of activities, including marriages and vow renewals, at the brewery tomorrow. If you happen to be morning the Bruins’ loss, you can drink your pain away and pick up one of these very limited edition bottles while you’re there.

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