Sam Adams IPA Hopology variety pack is perfect

All IPAs are not created equal, and there’s no better example of this than Sam Adam’s IPA Hopolgy variety pack. Beyond the increasingly annoying hop puns, the sampler is a great way to try 6 very different IPAs.

Sam Adams

Last year we brewed the limited-edition IPA Hopology variety pack for the hop lovers. Each IPA takes on a different hop character and builds upon it with layers of complex flavors inspired by unique combinations of ingredients and/or fusion with other beer styles. The outcry from Sam fans was so overwhelming that we had to bring it back for 2013.

As much as I don’t like to admit to crying, you could count me among those people. I love a good IPA and damn sure wanted them to bring this variety pack back. It was like the “I want my MTV” campaign, only for hop lovers instead of “Video Killed the Radio Star” fans.

Say what you want about Sam Adams being a huge brewery now, they are still one of the best innovators in the industry. The six beers in the collection are Whitewater IPA, Grumpy Monk, Latitude 48 IPA, Tasman Red, Dark Depths, Third Voyage. Sam suggests that’s the ideal order in which you try them as well. The best part about the pack is that it features 3 formerly bomber-only options from the small batch collection, 2 beers from the brewers collection, and 1 limited release beer. You just can’t get this kind of variety without otherwise spending a fortune.

It was a limited release again this year, so call before you go if you’re the type who pouts if you can’t get what you want.