What to watch this weekend: ‘Saturday Night Live’ with Miley Cyrus

A real treat for boxing fans tonight as we have the first episode of 24/7 Bradley/Marquez. A detailed look at the two ahead of next Saturday’s fight. Here’s what else you need to watch this weekend.

Saturday Night Live @ 11:30pm, NBC: Miley Cyrus doubles as guest and musical host. Also, she might masturbate with a foam finger.

247/ Bradley/Marquez @ 12:30am Sunday, HBO: Episode 2 of the series immediately follows Saturday night boxing.

Homeland @ 9pm Sunday, Showtime: How far has this show fallen? Season 1 was brilliant, season 2 was awful and the first episode of season 3 was barely watchable. Sad. There was so much potential.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno @ 11:35pm Friday, NBC: Tonight’s guests include Nelly and Terry Bradshaw. Two people who have a lot in common.

Once Upon A Time @ 8pm, ABC: Because Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin are two of my favorite actresses.

Tigers-A’s @ 9:07 Friday, TBS: This needs to be said. TBS is doing an awful, awful job thus far covering the playoffs.

Ohio State-Northwestern @ 8pm, ABC: The game of the week features Northwestern? Am I taking crazy pills?

NFL @ 1pm, RedZone: I’m pretty sure men masturbate to this show. Ok, maybe it’s just me.