Shirtless bro falls off motorcycle, leaves husky kid hanging for a fist bump

There’s so much going on here I don’t even know where to begin: if you suck at riding your bike, wear a shirt, also, don’t leave husky kids hanging for fist bumps. It’s just bad karma.

How long can someone be left hanging for a fist bump until it becomes comical? Well, that answer is settled in this video. But in contrast, how long can a kid try to fist bump a biker who just crashed before it just becomes obnoxious? Unfortunately, that question will be left answered for another day.

Let’s look at that hilariously simple crash one more time, shall we?

Why this video’s getting second run on the Internet after having been around for a while I don’t know, but we here at Guyism will never miss the opportunity to make a GIF out of something.


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