‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 6 episode 9 recap: ‘John 8:32’


Jax Teller faces some uncomfortable truths, and nobody comes out a winner in the end. One of the main plotlines of this season has been Tara’s attempt to get out of Charming, away from Jax and SAMCRO, with her sons. This week’s 90 minute episode saw that plan unravel, unsurprisingly.

Tara’s biggest mistake was bringing other people in on her scheme – Wendy said something last, and her lawyer gives her up during a tense conversation. The episode did an awesome job in ratcheting up the tension as Jax put the pieces together, not wanting to believe it but knowing nonetheless.

Gemma opened up to Nero, who took it upon himself to try and play peacemaker. It’s interesting that he’s been in a quasi-father figure role with Jax all season, but he doesn’t have terribly good luck with fathers. One of the more interesting things that came out in this bit was Gemma admitting that she gave Clay permission to kill Jax’s father, which has been hinted at in the past but never confirmed.

Clay, of course, is still in jail, and this week’s episode gave him an escape plan to chew on – literally, as in a very gross scene he chomped down on a guard’s nose. Needless to say, it didn’t work, but it did give him the opportunity to make a few phone calls.

Jax, meanwhile, is working with Patterson to hand over Galen in exchange for immunity for all past and present gun charges. It’s a tough deal, but as part of his mission to clean up SAMCRO’s act when it comes to violence, it makes sense. It only works, of course, if he can actually get to Galen and get him into custody, which doesn’t seem terribly likely.

Jax and Nero throw down, and it’s one of the show’s more brutal fistfights, only ending when Gemma shows up to break them apart. She then ends up being the one to tell Jax to take a closer look into Tara’s activities. It would have to be Gemma, wouldn’t it? He then confronts Ally in Unser’s trailer and she spills the beans, leaving Jax in another conundrum.

The episode ends with Tara rocking little Thomas to sleep, a gun in her lap. There’s not going to be any reconciliation here, is there? I feel like the kids aren’t going to end up with either parent – Gemma might get them, which was what she wanted all along. Only two more episodes this season, though, so things better get resolved soon.