Southern Comfort teaches you how to dance

Drinking and dancing are permanently linked in that you only dance when you drink. It typically takes a few cocktails to be comfortable enough to move more than your shoulders, making it perfect for a Southern Comfort commercial.

You know the old saying, “Dance like nobody’s watching?” I’m pretty sure this is what they meant. SoCo’s “Whatever’s Comfortable” campaign has been all about guys doing whatever they want regardless of what people might think. I, on the other hand, would have to throw back an irresponsible amount of SoCo to get out there and dance because I’m pretty sure he’s mimicking my exact moves in the 6-panel starting at the 34-second mark.

This ad isn’t as good as the original mustachioed Speedo stroll or hair salon karate, but those are hard to top. It will teach you better moves than “Dequan’s Dance Grooves” though if you need to pick up a few tips for your next trip to the bar.