Stephen Colbert gets blasted for racist tweet he had nothing to do with

via Comedy Central


Stephen Colbert was in the cross-hairs of some pissed off Asian Americans, and everyone else looking to take down the comedy king of news satire, over a racist tweet from the official Colbert Report Twitter account.

Here’s the tweet in question, screengrabbed by the folks over at Mediaite.

Yup, not that funny. Yup, pretty racist.

Here’s the problem — this tweet was taken from a Colbert Report segment mocking the Washington Redskins partnering with a charity for Native Americans because they want to do anything to just keep their racist team name. Taken out of the context of a comedy news show this tweet isn’t a joke, or funny, or doesn’t even really make any sense. It’s essentially tweeting the punchline to a joke. Actually, IT IS tweeting the punchline to a joke.

Because this is the Internet, everyone freaked the hell out about the joke, and called for the cancelling of The Colbert Report (a comedic TV program keep in mind) and wanted Colbert dead. Professionally dead. The #CancelColbert hashtag started to pick up steam.

Colbert himself took to Twitter to remind everyone “ummm, dumb dumbs, I’ve got nothing to do with that account.”


The vitriol towards Colbert has calmed down and everything has gone back to normal. All is right in the comedy world. Except in the world of the dude who sent that tweet. He’s probably looking for work.

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