Stephen Colbert’s vending machine interview with Matt Damon

Stephen Colbert recorded the first ever interview while trapped under a vending machine. It was half bit, half interview, and all glorious. It was reminiscent of the scene from the Channing All Over Your Tatum video, only with 100% less Miley Cyrus.

I’m not sure who came up with the idea to turn all of Damon’s promotional work for Elysium into comedy bits, but they should be given a sack of money. Rather than the standard spin cycle of late night talk show interviews, he’s actually brought something to the table each time. He even made an appearance on his arch-nemesis’, Jimmy Kimmel, show. In that case he got in the requisite pitch for Elysium before spending the rest of the time talking to Guillermo about the upcoming movies Estupido and Ass Face.

And don’t forget Matt Damon’s brief “all I have to do is show my face and it counts as promo” appearance at The Colbert Report‘s Colbchella ‘013.



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