Here’s some good news and bad news for anyone still watching ‘The Simpsons’



The Simpsons is still plugging away but for how much longer?

Alright, so here’s the bad news — The Simpsons fell to its lowest rating ever for a regular episode last night. Now in its 25th season — renewed for at least one more — the show’s ratings dipped to 3.4 million viewers. Its rating was 1.5 among the lusted-after “adults 18-49” demo.

That’s not so great but let’s put it into perspective — it did about as well as every other show on TV on Sunday night. Revenge, The Good Wife, The Mentalist, Believe, Crisis and Cosmos and performed about the same and those shows haven’t been on for nearly as long. Fox is probably completely fine with the ratings dip.

In other news about Springfield, FXX plans on airing all 522 episodes in late August. That’s right, for 12 straight days, nothing but The Simpsons on FXX morning, noon and night. Bet you can’t watch all 522 in a row.  In case you do, here’s the fifty best to watch out for.

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