What to watch this weekend: ‘Breaking Bad’, MTV Video Music Awards

by 6 years ago



I’m not sure I can handle another episode of Newsroom. I’m replacing it this week with the MTV Video Music Awards. That’s a bad sign Aaron Sorkin. I know you have trouble with internet-speak so thought I’d point that out for you. Here’s what you need to watch this weekend.

Comedy Bang! Bang! @ 10pm Friday, IFC: Michael Ian Black is on tonight and I find him rather humorous.

American Horror Story: Asylum @ 10pm Friday, FX: So FX is running a marathon of Season 2. Great show, not sure I’d binge watch though.

Rams-Broncos @ 8pm Saturday, CBS: Because it’s Saturday nig

2013 MTV Video Music Awards @ 9pm Sunday, MTV: So is N’Sync reuniting or what?

Breaking Bad @ 9pm Sunday, AMC: Check out our recap from last week.

The Newsroom @ 10pm, HBO: This show is inching towards its “jumping the shark” moment.

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