What to watch this weekend: ‘Road to the NHL Winter Classic’

Even if you’re not a hockey fan, you’ll want to watch HBO’s special on the Road to the NHL Winter Classic. A fascinating look at the Red Wings-Maple Leafs rivalry. It debuts Saturday at 9pm. Here’s a teaser video.

Lilyhammer @ 12am Friday, Netflix: Season 2 comes out at midnight tonight? Are you watching?

Comedy Bang! Bang! @ 10pm, Friday, IFC: If you’re at home on a Friday night and there’s nothing to watch, sure, go ahead. Cobie Smulders is on.

Saturday Night Live @ 11:30pm, NBC: John Goodman is this week’s host.

Homeland @ 9pm, Showtime: And just like that, we’ve reached the season finale. That was quick. What an odd season. So many ups and downs.

Masters of Sex @ 10pm, Showtime: Is this the new Mad Men? A bit more risque but character development’s right there.

Once Upon a Time @ 8pm, ABC: I feel like I need to do drugs to understand this show.