What to watch this weekend: ‘Game of Thrones’, NBA Playoffs


You want some inside info on this week’s Game of Thrones? Well, they stopped giving us screeners so that’s like foreshadowing someone’s death. My money’s on Theon Greyjoy.


Happy Endings @ 8pm, ABC: Last Friday night, the Boston bomber manhunt was an ongoing thing and thus, ABC ditched Happy Endings. Back-to-back episodes tonight.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:37pm, CBS: Jon Hamm and his massively popular penis makes an appearance.

NFL Draft @ 6pm, ESPN: Expect to hear the name Manti Te’o several hundred times until he’s drafted sometime in the 7th round.


Thunder-Rockets @ 9:30pm, ESPN: With Russell Westbrook on the mend, this series got MUCH more interesting.

Smash @ 8pm, NBC: Ouch! When did Smash get relegated to the worst time slot ever?


Game of Thrones @ 9pm, HBO: The ending of last week’s GOT may have been one of the most powerful in the series.

Vikings @ 10pm, History: This series will probably get renewed for a second season but as an avid viewer I fully admit it’s missing something.