What to watch this weekend: ‘Mad Men’ season finale

Two things of note this weekend. AMC is running Breaking Bad marathons on Friday night the next couple of months. Secondly, the Mad Men season 6 finale airs on Sunday night. Here’s what you need to watch.


Breaking Bad @ 12am, AMC: Who doesn’t want to watch old episodes of Breaking Bad?


Brooklyn DA @ 9pm, CBS: Solid real life show that got pushed to Saturday’s. Boo.

Stanley Cup Finals @ 8pm, NBC: So the SCF finished after the NBA Finals and that’s just wrong.


True Blood @ 9pm, HBO: Fully admit to not watching this show but everybody says it’s good so just go with it.

Mad Men @ 10pm, AMC: Will there be a plot twist heading into Season 7? I’d bet good money on it.

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