What TV shows we should watch tonight

Hayden Panettiere Nashville


How’s that New Year’s hangover? Have you recovered? Plop yourself in front of the tube tonight and enjoy some crappy TV.

Nashville: The Whole Story @ 10pm, ABC: Sadly, this one hour special is not a compilation of Hayden Panettiere GIFs. What a mistake on ABC’s part.

Top Chef @ 10pm, Bravo: Worst season of the show? Everyone seems unlikable.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:30pm, CBS: Kathy Griffin’s on to talk about her fake Anderson Cooper BJ on New Year’s Eve.

Chicago Fire @ 10pm, NBC: If they kill of Shay, I’m giving up on the show.

Florida-Louisville @ 8:30pm, ESPN: This one’s for all the glucose!