Whiskey Friday: Angel’s Envy bourbon

Angel’s Envy seemed like the logical choice for this week’s whiskey Friday. Whiskey was my Valentine, and I want to sing about her from the top of a mountain.


Every whiskey is unique in some way, but Angel’s Envy, produced by Louisville Distilling Co., is more than just a tweak to the mash bill or the use of a copper pot. Distiller Lincoln Henderson spent most of his Hall-of-Fame career developing bourbon so you’d expect his latest spirit to be one as well. And it is, kind of. Angel’s Envy is created as a Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Instead of bottling it at that point though, it’s then finished for three to six months, until Henderson determines it’s just right, in port wine barrels. In an age where forums are full of bickering over things like, “Is Jack Daniels a bourbon,” it’s refreshing to see someone who doesn’t live within the pre-made style constraints.

Angel’s Envy pleases the whole spectrum of whiskey lover. Some purists immediately dismiss wine-finished whiskey, but the port doesn’t creep in until the finish, which leaves the majority of the drink as unadulterated bourbon heaven. It does cut down on the typical lingering burn, which appeals to those who have only recently given into the brown side. The spirit is nuanced and well beyond my still developing palate, but it has the perfect level of caramel flavor and just enough vanilla to balance the universe. The mouthfeel actually reminded me of a a watered down cognac, as it’s a little heavier than most whiskeys. If that’s not your style though, a little ice will take it wherever you want to go.

They produced 600 bottles at cask strength, but unfortunately those sold out almost immediately. Even I, in all of my feigned importance, didn’t managed to make it to the store in time to buy a bottle. Standard issue Angel’s Envy is 43.3% alcohol, costs $45 (in Chicago), and is worth every penny. I am completely confident telling you to start with a bottle, but if you want to go small, you can’t miss the bottle on bar shelf.ons

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