Remember the guy who ditched his wife on an island after she found out he was gay? Well, she’s dead

via Manatee County Sheriff’s Office

It’s important for a gay person to come out on his or her own terms but…

…if the news slips early, there’s no reason to freak the hell out.

Last week, in our sad but awesome round-up of WTF Florida stories, we told you about a guy who was caught having sex with another man by his wife. The husband left the woman naked with nothing but a life jacket on a remote island off the coast of Florida.

The story took a crazy and incredibly sad turn a few days later when his wife suddenly died.

The affidavit says she had a bruise to the life side of her head and a bruise on her left bicep. Michael Doster was charged with domestic battery and later bonded out.

Pamela was taken to a hospital and officials say she died on Wednesday.

“This takes our case to a different level. We need to know exactly what happened. We can say that Michael Doster is a suspect,” says Sheriff office spokesperson Randy Warren.

What the?

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