Watch this woman plow into two men in a gas station parking lot

by 5 years ago

A woman plowed into two men at a gas station in Houston. The men claim it was unprovoked.

Here’s what the dudes told news reporters and cops.

Chukuwuu told Local 2 he and his boss stopped at the gas station to fill up after work. They were standing at one pump when a female driver tried backing into the space next to them. The video shows she came close to men, and they said they thought she was going to hit them. So one of the men told her to be careful.

“He was like, ‘Don’t kill me.’ And she was like, ‘If I wanted to kill you I’d shoot you, I won’t run you over,'” Chukuwuu said.

She’s got a point — shooting would be more effective. But, when you don’t have a gun handy, BOOM! taste Buick bitches!

The woman is still at-large.

[via Click2Houston]

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