Driver Wanted For World’s Smallest Motorbike, Only Bro’s With Biggest Of Dicks Apply



Are you a well endowed bro who’s interested in letting the world know that? But you’re not the kind of person to just shout out how big you are? Well, do I have the scooter for you!

There’s nothing particularly remarkable about this video aside from the historical legacy: this is the smallest production motorbike ever made by Honda, the Motocompo (1981). Here we see someone hands on with it today, and test-driving the Motocompo out.

The bike was designed to fold up and be placed into the trunks of cars, in case of emergency or small commutes. Clocking in at 2.5HP, and weight 42kg (~92.5lbs), it’s not very practical even if it is remarkably small. Why did we stop innovation on things such as this? Were penises shrinking worldwide at such a rate that small motorscooters became obsolete? Or are they really impractical no matter the circumstances? Let’s check out the video and you can decide for yourselves. Again, unless you’re a gearhead and/or into historical machinery, this video will be anticlimactic for you:


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