You can now wear jeans chewed up and pissed on by zoo animals

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Japan does nothing to shy away from its reputation as the weirdest country in the world, so this latest fashion craze should come as no surprise at all.

What better way is there to feel fresh and clean than slipping on some tattered jeans that have been chewed up, clawed, and pissed on by zoo animals? None, none I tell you.

Want your jeans chewed up and pissed on by lions? They’ve got that. Tigers? Yup, those too. Bears, ohhh my, those exist.


These jeans were actually born of a charitable idea, but the idea is simply TOO GOOD (and far too Japanese) to not have legs in the future. According to the website, the jeans themselves have some interesting manufacturing methods:

“We first take their favourite playthings — old tires and giant rubber balls — and wrap them in sheets of denim.
“Then we return them to the animals and let nature run its course.
“The animals roar, gnaw and claw at their toys, and when they’re done we gather up what’s left of the damaged denim. It is from this unique fabric that we make the jeans.”

Mmmhmm, sure, totally normal.

TheConversation reports:

Rather than simply being a marketing gimic, there is actually value in this from an animal welfare perspective. Involving lions and the zoo’s other large carnivores in the activity is part of what’s called environmental enrichment. This is the provision of stimuli to help improve well-being. It’s a win-win activity for many zoos, who can make alternative profits from their animals, which tend to be used to provide extra facilities for them.

Yup, it all checks out. We’ve got a 100% genuine-WTF-denim idea on our hands here. Bravo Japan, you’ve one upped yourself once again, bravo.


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SOURCE: NPR via Zoo-Jeans

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