Guys: We Have to Eat 10 Million Pounds of Leftover, Unusued McDonalds Wings

Here's why: Remember the double arch's big Mighty Wings rollout back in September? It didn't go so hot! The bone-in chicken wing, overpriced for the restaurant at $4.99/five, sold so poorly nationally that nearly 20 percent of McDonalds' initial order now sits in freezers. (It did do well, though, in an Atlanta test run, giving drive-by DJs the easiest racial joke in the world today.)

McDonalds CEO Don Thompson told investors the wing was probably too spicy for customers. But Wedbush Securities analyst Nick Setyan told USA Today that the real issue was the cost, which was so high thanks to McDonalds actually raised national chicken wing costs.

“They underestimated their own impact on wings' costs,” said Nick Setyan. “Now they have got all this extra supply they don't know what to do with and they are going to try to force it down franchisees' throats again.”

Alas, the company will not just be giving away its supply. Expect it to return, in a cheaper, freezer-burned form, to a store near you soon. Again, from USA Today:

McDonald's would not comment on whether its freezers are packed with wings, but U.S. media relations director Lisa McComb released this statement: “We're bringing back Mighty Wings – stay tuned. During this holiday season and into the new year, we are focused on serving delicious McDonald's food and McCafe favorites to our customers.”