A Lightning Strike Killed 300 Reindeer In Norway, And You Try Telling Me The Old Gods Don’t Still Exist

by 3 years ago

Norwegian Environment Agency

You wanna know what the wrath of a vengeful God looks like?

Look above. That’s 323 once living reindeer, who were smited down by their maker.

Their crime? We will never know.

But, man, they are dead as hell.

Those images were released today by the Norwegian Environment Agency. The lightning strike occurred over the weekend, in Hardangervidda.

Five reindeer were euthanized, but lightning killed the rest. Seventy were calves.

Agency spokesman Kjartan Knutsen said that he did not know if the animals were killed by a single or multiple strikes, but that during storms animals tend to huddle together, which may have contributed to the high death count.

Yea, that or Thor was fucking pissed.

[Via ABC]

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