39 Activities You Need To Complete In Order To Live Your Life To The Fullest, According To Research

by 6 years ago
live life to the fullest

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I hope you have 1) a lot of spare time on your hands and 2) a healthy amount of discretionary income because if you’re going to complete all 39 of these activities it’s going to take a whole lot of both.

According to a new study taken in Britain, just one in five of people believe that they are living their lives to the fullest. Over half the people surveyed said that they were jealous of those people who seem to have more exciting lives than themselves. (Maybe stay off Facebook and that would number would decline. Nothing non-exciting EVER happens to your friends on there. Just sayin’.)

Damien Dally for Jeep Renegade who commissioned the report, said (via the Mirror): “Just 18% of Brits feel that they are living life to the full, and with two thirds claiming that they would be more reckless in life if they had their time again, we’re at risk of a life full of regrets.

“Whilst many of us will never become a millionaire, that needn’t prevent us living a fulfilled life, brimming with adventure. It’s about having the inclination and desire to do something out of our comfort zone that will ensure we don’t look back and wish we had lived life differently.”

Of course in a perfect world we’d all be beautiful, rich, have loads of free time and reality TV would be a distant memory, but sadly for most of us, the world isn’t very perfect. But I guess that doesn’t mean we can’t try to make our lives better, right?

Here are the 39 activities the study came up with to help us lead more fulfilling lives.

Meet your new bucket list…

1. Get married in Vegas
2. Dive with sharks
3. Surf in Hawaii
4. Travel on a private jet
5. Date a model
6. Gamble in Monte Carlo
7. Party on a super yacht
8. Do a skydive
9. Climb Mount Everest
10. Have an illicit affair
11. Do a bungee jump
12. Join an expedition across the Antarctic
13. Attend a red carpet event
14. Go white water rafting
15. Walk along the Great Wall of China
16. Have a luxury holiday in the Maldives
17. Get a hole in one in golf
18. Own your own company
19. Fly a helicopter
20. Be at the last day of The Ashes
21. Scuba dive off the Great Barrier Reef
22. Drive across America on Route 66
23. Be an extra in a film
24. Get a tattoo
25. Learn a foreign language
26. Go to the Super Bowl
27. Learn to fly a plane
28. Get tickets to the World Cup final
29. Ride in a speedboat
30. Travel into space
31. Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge
32. Go on the top of the Empire State Building
33. Take on an extreme physical challenge
34. Learn to ski/snowboard
35. Learn how to survive in the wild/learn bush craft
36. Skinny dipping in the ocean
37. Fly a glider
38. Make an “intimate” home movie
39. Compete in a Tough Mudder

So how many of these have you completed already?