5 Societal Norms That Are Actually Completely Insane



In society we recognize certain things as normal, and certain things as unusual. The tricky part lies when things that may have originally seemed unusual or crazy slowly cross over into being accepted as a societal norm. I’m here to bust a few of those so called norms and show them for what they truly are: insane. Here are some current societal norms that are actually completely insane.

Constantly letting people know you’re working out on social media

Now I understand a “before and after” photo every once in a while if you’ve put in your time at the gym. However, updating that you’re working out several times a week only affects two kinds of people. 1. It angers people who are mad at themselves for not working out more, or 2. It angers people like me who could care less either way, but are tired of hearing about it. Working out at the gym should be treated like a stint at the penitentiary. You put in your time, keep your head down, and don’t make a point of bringing it up at a job interview.

However, this trend will continue because so many people like these posts. We’re wired to believe that if we don’t like a positive thing that someone is doing then that person will stop doing that positive thing. It’s basically a fear or watching them relapse, but ironically by liking these pointless updates, you’re actually being an enabler to their unnecessary updates.

You can use the internet to look at almost anything you want, and if you have enough money it shows up on your doorstep the very next day

Sites like Amazon and eBay offer insane services that we just accept as normal now. The whole process is a shade short of just being called magic. You can order pretty much anything you can think of, and some things you can’t think of. Within like 5 minutes of searching for random stuff, I found a zombie penguin costume. http://ebay.to/1dRd3iX I didn’t know this existed less than ten minutes ago so imagine what else is out there.

I think we’ve learned to accept this as normal, because human beings immediately adapt new things as just the way things are. Look at Napster’s effect on the music industry. With Napster you could suddenly download entire albums from artists within minutes for free. Cut to seven years later and now we are outraged by the idea of paying ten dollars for something someone has worked on for several months.

Pretending that newborn babies are interesting and have personalities

It’s the same thing every time. Someone you kind of know has a baby, and you guessed it, they want to tell you all about it. The problem is that they have nothing to offer me that I don’t already know about babies, but they manage to speak in length about them like they’re the most interesting things on the planet. I mean, I get it. They’re like a tiny half you. Just show me a picture though and move on.

“No, my baby’s special she’s so funny, and she’s quite the little genius. The other day she grabbed my finger like a tiny handshake, and proceeded to poop her pants.” And then we’re supposed to go along with this nonsense like a baby has never grabbed a finger before. It’s insane. The problem is you can’t criticize this person’s baby, because the baby hasn’t done anything you can criticize it for yet. Unfortunately, that fact requires us to just go along with their boastful baby brags.

Wasting almost all of our smart phone’s intelligence taking selfies 

We took a computer, and shrank it down into a convenient handheld device. Then we developed brilliant apps for this device like Snapchat and Instagram which allowed us to take beautiful photos and share them with the entire world in seconds. Then we turned the camera around. Soon after, we created a portable stick to take better pictures of ourselves. With all of the world’s information at our fingertips, we primarily use our phones to take pictures of ourselves, prove someone wrong in an argument, or use IMDb to answer the periodic question of, “What’s that chick been on?”

The problem is that our intelligence hasn’t caught up to technology. Therefore we’re given these amazing pieces of computing power, but don’t really know how to use them. So we just started using them to take pictures of ourselves, because even cameras were still relatively new in the grand scope of technological history. Sure pictures can be great, but we used to have these things called photographers who were really good at taking them. Now we take pictures because WE look good instead of looking at how good the world looks around us.

The idea of Farrah Abraham

Just the whole idea of Farrah Abraham is insane. If you were writing her storyline in a movie, people would criticize you of being too absurd. This is a brief summary of her life so far. Stay with me: A young woman becomes pregnant and is filmed whilst pregnant for a reality TV show, and later stars in another TV show that shows her with her newborn baby. Cut to a few years later where she is made even more famous for shooting a film performing the act (kind of) that created the child that made her famous in the first place. This is the world we live in.

If a version of this happened 100 years ago, she would have been burned at the stake or at the very least been considered a not so great motherly decision maker. Instead, we look at her actions as being progressive. We’ve decided that we have to accept every one for who they are, and that you can’t judge someone for anything. This is a horrible theory. With this theory we will soon live in a world with no consequences for our actions. This is why being around for your kid is now considered “brave” instead of just what you do. However, if you think Farrah Abraham’s actions are progressive, you can be the one that sits down with her daughter at age 13 and explains why the kids in her class keep calling mommy Ms. Backdoor.

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