The 5 Things You Missed Out On At CounterPoint Music Festival This Year Aka Why You NEED To Go Next Year

Bros, if you weren’t at CounterPoint Music Festival this year then you definitely missed out. We went down to Georgia to experience the festival for ourselves and wow were we blown away — so much was packed into on Memorial Day weekend that we almost couldn’t limit ourselves to 5 things that you missed at CounterPoint, but we’ve managed to do it for your benefit so you know better than to miss out on next year’s festival.

Here’s what you missed.


1. The Music

Look, I know it’s a big statement to say “CounterPoint has the best variety of music out of any summer music festival,” but I’m going to go ahead and say that CounterPoint has the best variety of music out of any summer music festival. You wanna hear some EDM? Go see what Zeds Dead is throwing down or lay down and relax to some chilled-out Kygo. EDM not your speed? No worries, there’s jam bands galore like Umphrey’s McGee and Widespread Panic available for you to indulge in. Even rap-lovers had ILoveMakonnen show up for a set at CounterPoint, so what’s there not to love?


2. Free Stuff

Everyone takes back free memories from their festival experiences, but not many festivals give you actual things to keep. At CounterPoint they had everything: free koozies, free drinks, and Sony was even there giving away a Playstation 4. Some festivals try to nickel and dime you out of every cent you’ve got while you’re there, but not CounterPoint — they cared that you were having a good time and would have the memorabilia to show off later. What more could you ask for?


3. The Totems

People like to get creative with their festival totems, and CounterPoint was no exception — from Kim Jong Un to Reddit’s Charmander meme, CounterPoint-ers let their imagination fly to bring a beautifully unique collection of totems for everyone to enjoy. And really…who doesn’t like laughing at Kim Jong Un in a full face of makeup?


4. Get Bored Of The Music? They’ve Got Everything Else For You

Not that you would ever get bored of the music, but just in case for some reason you did or if you’re a fan of variety, you could always:

-Take a ride on the carousel
-Check out the Playstation 4 booth
-Check out the artists doing the live painting
-Take a turn spray-painting your own graffiti on a designated wall so you can “leave your mark” at CounterPoint
-Get your face painted during the Robert DeLong set

And the list goes on.


5. The Crowd

Never before have we ever found a festival crowd so down to do anything, anywhere, anything with anyone. Literally everyone we met was warm, welcoming and in summary, happy. There was no hate to be found anywhere, just good vibes all around from good people who wanted to do nothing more than enjoy CounterPoint for what it was: a kick-ass music festival.