Ever Wonder What A .50-Caliber Bullet Would Do When Shot At A Baseball? Check It Out In Badass 4K Slow-Mo

It’s been a hot minute since the last time I checked in on the FullMag YouTube Channel, a channel ran by some dudes with a real affinity for trick shots, massive artillery, powerful guns, and they have a penchant for filming their shenanigans with a 4K camera. If you’ve been a BroBible reader for a while now then you already know why I’m sharing this with you bros, but if you’re new around here then you should know upfront that I fucking love when all hell breaks loose and it’s filmed in 4K slow-mo.

I don’t know why but I just gravitate towards destruction when it’s presented to me in high-definition slow motion and the dudes over at the FullMag YouTube Channel have gotten really good at doing exactly that. But I fully recognize that many of you bros don’t have time to be sitting around here all day watching videos so I thought I’d go ahead and share some action shot GIFs with you in case you’re in a situation where videos aren’t permissible:


To wrap this up I just want to say that I’m amazed by how much of that baseball managed to remain intact. Structurally it almost held together entirely while allowing the .50-cal bullet to rip through it like a surgeon. I half expected the baseball to explode like an apple.

(via FullMag YouTube)

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