VIDEO: Off-Duty Cop Finds $10 Million Worth Of Uncut Cocaine While Fishing In The Gulf Of Mexico

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Charlotte County Sheriff's Office

On Wednesday a Charlotte County (Florida) officer was fishing 20 miles offshore in the Gulf of Mexcio when he happened upon $10 million dollars worth uncut cocaine, just 50 pounds of Colombia’s finest floating in a sealed bag off shore of Fort Myers.

Just another day in Florida, right? I’ve been fishing hundreds, if not thousands of times out in the Gulf of Mexico and the only things I’ve ever found out there are floating trash piles and the occasional pair of sea turtles having sex while floating on the surface. When it comes to finding drugs I’ve never even found a dimebag of weed laying on the ground let alone a sizable fortune worth of blowcaine.

Here’s that massive haul of pure cocaine:

Maybe I’m a bit skeptical of police these days, but it seems like waaaayyyyyyy too much of a coincidence that the person who would fine 50 pounds ($2.5 million street value pure, up to $12 million once cut) of cocaine floating out in the water would be a cop. What seems much more likely is the cop was somehow in on the trafficking of the cocaine, and found himself in a position to elevate his status as an officer by showing up with a gargantuan cocaine haul (probably while someone snuck in $100 million in cocaine up the coast).

[NBC Miami]


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