This Lady Has To Be The Single Angriest Person To Ever Ride Splash Mountain

Pure hatred in those eyes. What’s your deal, lady!? How can you be sporting an expression like this at THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH. Just defies logic.

Yeah, I get that dishing out $140+ a ticket for each family member probably rubs some people the wrong way, but you’re supposed be over that already by the time you’ve waited in the hour-long line for Splash Mountain! C’mon, this is supposed to be fun! Lighten up a little, why don’t ya?

Evidently, the woman in this picture was so begrudged because Splash Mountain is her favorite ride and her husband refused to go on it (???) with her. Why he would do that, well, I can only surmise he hates fun.

The wife, Jordan Alexander, later explained to CNY Central why she was so angry.

“It was a long day. I had Bronchitis, I had a crying baby, and my husband informed me that he doesn’t have it in him to ride my favorite ride,” she said.

The harsh stare was directed at her husband Steven.

“I kind of practiced it the whole way. And, by the time we got to the last drop I didn’t know where the camera was and so I just guessed and looked over and took the picture and that was that,” she said.

Her husband called it “so perfect.”

No word on whether the couple is divorced yet.

[h/t Epoch Times]