Angry Wife Attacks Husband’s Alleged Mistress On The Street, Strips And Cuts Off Her Hair With A Pair Of Scissors

According to Mirror, the above video is believed to have been filmed in Henan, China, and depicts an angry wife assaulting her husband’s alleged mistress by chopping her hair off and stripping her. While the person recording the video managed to omit the part where the supposed mistress had her clothes torn, Mirror reports that an unedited copy of the video features the older woman of the two attackers pulling up the alleged mistress’ dress to reveal her underwear:

The vicious attack was caught on camera in China and posted online where it has already gone viral.

…The video begins with two women, one appearing to be older than the other, yanking a young woman in a white dress from a trike or small car by her hair.

…The attackers eventually slow the beating but continue to point at the woman while she covers her face and cries on the pavement before the older woman pulls up the ‘cheat’s’ dress to reveal her underwear.

It is currently unknown whether any arrests have been made, however thousands have already viewed the clip as it has gone viral in China seemingly overnight.

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[H/T Mirror]