U.S. Army Bro’s Cheating Ex-Wife Tries To Intimidate Him Into Giving Her Money, Backfires And She Looks Like A Fool

This story is technically an update to THIS story about a U.S. Army soldier kicking his wife to the curb after finding out she was banging 60 dudes while he was overseas. It’s not as deviously brilliant nor is it as satisfying, but sometimes it’s nice to know that the people who have dicked you over are still out there failing miserably in the world.

In this case, Redditor Frizzmaster’s ex-wife is still living her life as an idiot, and her recent attempt to bring our protagonist down to her level have failed:

Just 2 days ago, I was at my local Wal-Mart, picking up dog food (for my dogs) and collard greens (for my Bearded Dragon). I had been having a strange feeling the entire time, like an itch in the middle of my back that I couldn’t quite reach to scratch. It had started about 3 minutes after I had gotten into the store, and had been persistent the entire time, only ever going away one time, when I had stepped into the bathroom.

I came back out of the bathroom, grabbed my cart, and out of habit and reflex, did a quick 360 scan of the area by the bathrooms. Unfortunately, I saw something I had no desire to see. 4 registers down, trying to hide behind a rack of postcards (and failing miserably, due to the fully exposed, very familar African-American child in the cart)….was Thundercunt.

From what I could see, she was on the phone, and not happy with the conversation she was having. She would keep looking at me (I had my phone out and was pretending to text, while looking at her out of the corner of my eye), and would get even more agitated.

So, since I was pretty much done with shopping, I wheeled my cart into the nearest cash register, laid my items on the belt (not the dog food, I was gonna let them come with a hand scanner to scan that 50 pound bastard of a bag), and smoothly, deliberately scanned over and stared directly at her.

Well, this apparently set her off, because as soon as she saw me doing so, she blew up on the phone, seemed to be practically yelling into it. I calmly finished paying for my items, put the bags into my cart, and headed for the entrance. Thundercunt, however, had other plans…

She promptly pushed her cart out of her ineffective hiding spot, took a second to see which way I had gone, and took off after me. She almost threw her cart in front of me, trying to get me to stop, and proceeded to give me the dirtiest look I had ever seen from her (and that’s saying something), and then said something I still have yet to wrap my mind around.

“I want my divorce!”

Now, I had to stop and take a second to try to process that particular statement, as to my knowledge, we had gone through our divorce hearing several months prior. So, after thinking it over, and discarding the statement as being the raving of a person who already lost the argument but refuses to let it go, I maneuvered my cart around hers, took a second to smile at her child (Hell, I had nothing against the baby, and all jokes aside, she WAS adorable), and began walking out the door. Thundercunt responded with “Oh, you’re just going to ignore me? I WANT MY DIVORCE, YOU BITCH!”

Well, I just kept walking. On my way out, a rather burly guy, of the “T-shirt with the sleeves cut off” variety, rushed past me, right up to TC. They exchanged a brief flurry of conversation, littered with her pointing at me and then at him, ending with her throwing her hands up and walking away with her cart. He looked at me, I smiled a bit and gave them both the one-finger salute, and loaded my stuff in my truck and left.

Honestly, the only thing I can assume from the situation is that he was either (A): A new boyfriend, or (B): A family member that I wasn’t familiar with (Hell, might have been both, who knows), that she had enlisted the help of to either intimidate me into giving her more, or to rough me up. It would make sense, with her spouting off a statement that had been invalidated months beforehand. Either way, whatever she was attempting failed miserably when I applied the tried and true method of “Ignore the idiots and move on.”
Tl;Dr: Thundercunt comes back for round 2, gets shut down just as hard as before.



[Via Reddit]