This Artificial Intelligence Can Analyze All The Internet’s News In A Couple Seconds, And Will Tell Any Dude Where To Invest



Amareos, a Hong Kong startup wants information to be free, but on the biggest of scales. Amareos is attempting to take an idea hatched around the early 2000s by hedge fund owners, which centers on employing artificial intelligence to analyze massive amounts of online news data instantaneously to make trades based off final analysis of said data. Unfortunately for all of us ‘common folk’ such game(life)-changing tech. has previously largely only been made available to the upper-elite, billionaires and professional investors with the financial means to toy with such a damn tantalizing trade/investment upgrade. Well, as I said Amareos might just change all that, and bring the technology to the rest of the people desirous to use it.

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Philippe El-Asmar, co-founder of Amareos says, “we are trying to democratize big data,” and hell if this is a massive step in the right direction. The AI service provided by Amareos analyzes over one million sites and social media networks, employing artificial intelligence created by Thomas Reuters and Market Psych, to essentially get a ‘temperature’ from the internet on selective issues concerning strategic trade/investment moves. Amareo can give you a comprehensive breakdown on something like the world’s opinion on the U.S. dollar — covering all relevant facets like are dudes angry, stoked, on-the-fence, etc, before you construct a gameplan about any future investment moves. Helpful as a descriptor for this kind of service doesn’t even cover the half of it. This futuristic shit’s as indispensable as goddamn J.A.R.V.I.S. is to Tony Stark.

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Amareos was just launched last year, and is still in its early stage, being used exclusively within the financial sector but the company’s co-founder Philippe says he can easily foresee a day that professionals deploy Amareos impressive real-time analytical capabilities to cover other sectors like politics, PR, marketing, etc.

You can start up an account for free, and almost instantly begin tracking on a wealth of global sentiments within the financial sector. The data devotees will all but jizz themselves at the service’s ease of use, and marked applicability.

Amareos currently only analyzes data in English, but has plans to introduce Mandarin and Japanese-friendly user interfaces soon. That kind of news in terms of widening potential consumer base by slowly universalizing language availability, and the AI technology in itself hints at big, big things down the road for Amareos.

Amareos co-founder Philippe hit the nail on the head when he told Mashable the cold hard truth that, “It would take two years to read all of the articles posted in one day in the U.S. We can have the machine do it in a few seconds.” Word to big bird Philippe. Because let’s be honest bros: who out there wants to devote obscene amounts of eye-straining time to reading a ton of words from competing sources when you could have a handy AI interface do the work for you? Not I, rabbi.

[H/T: Mashable]

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