Blood-Thirsty Keyboard Warriors Attack WRONG Michelle Gregg, Who Isn’t Mother Of Boy Who Went In Gorilla Enclosure

by 2 years ago


The death of a majestic animal such as Cecil the lion or Harambe the gorilla will ignite pure rage in certain people despite innocent human beings are killed every single day without shedding one tear, not one catchy hashtag or outbursts of outrage. There was an immediate outcry for punishment of Michelle Gregg, the mother who allowed her 4-year-old to crawl into the Gorilla World exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo. Even the petition titled “Justice for Harambe” was created on and has over 330,000 signatures. People even sought out the mother of the boy on Facebook to personally attack her for her negligence, but unfortunately some blood-thirsty and vacuous keyboard warriors bombarded the WRONG Michelle Gregg on Facebook.

Michelle Gregg, a mother from Ohio mother, found herself in a whirlwind of hate and online hostilities this weekend when people mistook her for the Michelle Gregg who allowed her son to enter the gorilla enclosure. Gregg was flooded with furious messages from strangers on Facebook who were upset over the premature death of Harambe the gorilla.

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