World’s Chillest Baby Manatee Wants To Go Paddleboarding, Proves That Sea Cows Are The Best Animals On Earth

Manatees are without question the chillest animals on planet earth. They have no natural predators and they spend all day feasting on sea lettuce and dropping ginormous sea cow turds. Manatees won’t get up in your business if you don’t want them to, but they’re always down to just chillax in the warm shallow waters of Florida and the Caribbean. This baby manatee you see above proves once and for all that manatees are the best animals on the planet, and if you think otherwise then I invite you to go ahead and fight me in the comments because I can spend DAYS defending these majestic Sirenians.

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Now after this second video, I’m sitting here wondering just what in the hell is going on with manatees and paddleboarders? I live in Florida (the baby manatee video was shot in Jupiter, Florida btw), I occasionally go paddleboarding. Why the shit am I not seeing manatees come up to me on the regular for a leisurely paddle session?

Okay, moving on, it’s time for some REAL TALK! If any of you bros are in the greater Tampa Bay area down here on the Gulf Coast of Florida I invite you to meet me in Bradenton this Saturday (10am-2pm) for Snooty the Manatee’s 68th birthday party. Snooty is the world’s oldest living manatee, and he’s a total badass. Snooty’s been a part of my life since my very first elementary school field trip when my class went to the Bishop Planetarium in Bradenton, Florida to see this manatee and I haven’t been back since probably middle school. I’m stoked to catch up with the greatest manatee on planet earth this weekend and I invite all you bros in the region to join me!

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