Mama Bear And Two Cubs Hit The Golf Course In New Jersey And I Think This Bear Cub Has A Future As A Caddy

by 3 years ago

A trio of black bears stuck onto a golf course in Vernon Township, New Jersey (probably the Minerals Golf Course). The black bear cubs went straight for the flags on what’s presumably the putting green, even tending the flags to showcase their future caddying skills.

It seems like just one month ago the news was sounding the horns about shark attacks and acting like we were amidst the deadliest summer of sharks in recorded history….we are not. There have been no more shark attacks this Summer than any other Summer, sharks have just been getting an unfair % of coverage. Below are the adorable pics of the bear cubs romping on that golf course in New Jersey, but after that I’d like to submit some evidence on how 2015 is actually The Summer of Bears!!!


Just a pair of bear cubs tending the flag. The Golden Bear (Jack Nicklaus) and the Golden Bear Cub (Nick O’Leary) would be proud.

NOW: here’s evidence I was talking about that should help build the case that 2015 is The Summer of Bears, and sharks are just an after thought.

July 17th: Bear breaks into pie shop and eats 38 PIES (24 cherry pies, 14 apple pies).

July 17th: Two grown ass bears fighting over a salmon dinner

July 7th: 16 Wiggly Bear Cubs Suckin’ Milk Outta Bottle

June 29th: Bear tries to break into car to chill with hot chicks

June 28th: 400-Pound bear breaks into Lehigh University party, brings no bear, gets shot with a tranquilizer

June 24th: Bear tries to break into home but house cat scares the living sh*t out of the bear

June 4th: World’s chillest bear catches a slice of bread

May 22nd: Two bears from New Jersey fight in broad daylight in the middle of a neighborhood

Like I said before, 2015 is: THE. SUMMER. OF. BEARS.

For more pics of the bear cubs in New Jersey you can click on over to the DailyMail or ABC News!

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