I Didn’t Need Science To Tell Me What I Already Knew: Beer Googles Are 100% Real

Beer goggles are real. I’ve known this my entire adult life. In fact, even back in college I worked with a Psychology professor at FSU who was conducting a study to prove that drunk people are statistically happier than their sober counterparts and just scrolling through his data it was obvious that beer goggles were a real phenomenon. I didn’t stick around campus to see that study finished but a new study from Switzerland has just been published, and it seems to have proved once-and-for-all that beer goggles are really real.

via NYDailyNews:

Researchers from the University Hospital of Basel tested 60 healthy men and women who drank alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer. The team tested what effect brews have on empathy, sexual arousal and face recognition — and it turns out, the hop drinkers got happier. They showed a greater desire to be with others than their straight-edge counterparts after just one pint, and they also recognized happy faces more quickly.
Beer goggles also made people — and especially women — less shy about sex. Both groups were shown sexually explicit images, and the more socially-lubricated sippers rated them as more pleasant than the subjects who didn’t get their drink on. The team suggested booze hits gals harder because they generally have a greater blood-alcohol concentration than guys do after chugging the same amount.

They also go on to make one more important distinction: ‘the drinkers were not more sexually aroused’. So just because someone’s out having a great time and feeling chipper AF it doesn’t mean they’re looking to hiznit the skizzins.

…Shout out to the New York Daily News for tracking down this study…