Bernie Sanders Tosses Up The Most Bananas Gif Ever In Support Of The NBA Moving All-Star Weekend Over Anti-LGBTQ Laws

Bernie Sanders is almost a complete enigma to me. Well, not so him as much as his supporters. Sanders endorsed Clinton and they still think they have a shot. He literally suspended his campaign. “It’s just a setback. He needed to do it in order to win in the long run.” Not sure how that makes sense. It’d be like if the Giants dumped OBJ but I was still positive I would see him playing for them the coming year. “It’s all politics. He’ll be wearing the ole’ blue and white this season.” It’ll be 2019 and the Bernie Bros will keep saying “He’s doing what he needs to do. He still has a shot.”

That being said, one thing I’m not confused about is that Bernie just dropped one of the most fuego gifs of all time in response to the NBA moving the 2017 All-Star game out of Charlotte over anti-LGBTQ laws.

From downtown with the greatest gif of all-time. I’ll never watch another gif as long as I live because they’ll never live up to Bernie popping 3 pointers like a sharpshooter. Leave it to the oldest man in America to turn a political issue into arguably the highest point of my Internet life. However, bursting my own bubble, it seems like one of Bernie’s staffers did it and not Bernie. How do I know this?

Godammit, Bernie. I can only hope he signed off on it. “The middle-class needs this gif like American children need free education!!”