Best Internship Ever Offers All-Expenses Paid Trips To Strip Clubs, Bars And Shooting Ranges

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How’s your intern job going? Are you not learning one thing regarding your future career and not getting paid to fetch coffee for someone dipshit who’s been at their position for 11 years and still sucks at it, yet in two weeks you’ve mastered their job? Well maybe it’s time to get a more rewarding internship. One that allows you to spread your wings and display your talents. Oh and it also sends you to strip clubs and bars.

This internship is not a dream, there is a real internship that will send one lucky soul to strip clubs, bar crawls and shooting ranges, and it’s all expenses paid!

The Stag Company is a British establishment that offers online planning for bachelor parties or a “stag do” as they say across the pond. They are in search of a “student or recent graduate” looking to gain some “real world experience.”

The lucky fuck will travel to Prague, Budapest, Bratislava and Brighton to experience bachelor party activities like bar crawls, paintball wars, racing cars, golfing, clay pigeon shooting and even something called “bubble wrestling.”

Bubble wrestling sounds intriguing:

Picture the scene – there’s a hot tub, the bubbles are flowing and there’s some gorgeous girls sitting in the hot tub, who are just aching to wrestle one another for your pleasure and entertainment. But that’s not the end of it; we’ll be allowing the stag to sit in this glorious hot tub and watch on as these girls put up their best fight against each other. There will be plenty of slipping and sliding in the hot tub, in addition to lots of girl on girl body contact – surely there can’t be any better way of spending the last weekend of freedom?

That sounds like a tough job, but somebody has to do it.

The best part is that EVERYTHING is already paid for! Flights, accommodations and activities! Not sure if lap dances are included though.

The advertisement states the following:

The Stag Company are looking for somebody who has a genuine passion for travel and documenting their new experiences with words and images, as they will be required to create content in blog and vlog formats that showcase stag activities and destinations. This means that the intern will need strong writing skills and be comfortable and confident on camera.

You must be available to travel over four consecutive weekends in June 2016 and will be given a daily allowance. Applicants need to send a copy of their resume along with a short video of up to three minutes before March 31.

What are you doing still reading? Go here to apply and get the greatest internship of all-time.


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