On Live TV Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ Just Dropped The Hammer On CNN For Employing A Climate Change Denier

This is a slightly longer clip than I’d hoped it would be, and it’s not until the last few seconds of the Bill Nye ‘The Science Guy’ interview on CNN that he told them ‘knock yourselves out’ because CNN continues to employ a climate change denying meteorologist in the face of indisputable evidence.

Bill Nye doesn’t call the climate change denier out directly but the man he’s referring to is Chad Myers (of COURSE he’d be named Chad!), and this all started back in 2008 when this dipshit told Lou Dobbs that it was ‘arrogant’ of people to think that we could affect the weather. Then again in 2010, Chad told Ali Velshi that meteorologists only push climate change because it helps their job security, here’s his exact quote:

“I also think it has something to do — follow the money a little bit. Meteorologists aren’t paid by the government, the ones on TV, the climatologists are. If there’s nothing to talk about, will their jobs really be all that secure? So, follow the money a little bit, I think you’ll find 10% and 15% and every little corner has to do with it.”

So this fuckboi thinks his job is safe because he’s lying to the public for ratings? Is that what I’m to surmise from his statement? Last month was the hottest recorded month in the history of Planet Earth, and I know this is anecdotal but I could spend all day pulling stats on temperature fluctuations and evidence of climate change that still wouldn’t be enough to convince people who have already made their minds up, convincing themselves that they know the truth.

Anyways, the ball is now in Chad’s end of the court and I’m looking forward to see what he fires back at Billy Nye.

(via r/videos)