Bill Nye Just Bet A Climate Change-Denying Meteorologist $20k That Global Warming Is Real With An AWESOME Video

I haven’t really kept up with Bill Nye’s career since my childhood, when I used to watch Bill Nye the Science Guy on the regular. From what I’ve seen on Reddit he’s become a celebrity with a cult-like following late in life, and he’s remained a prominent figure in the scientific community.

Another quasi-prominent figure in the scientific community is bodybuilding meteorologist ‘Big’ Joe Bastardi, the Chief Forecaster at Weatherbell and a man who allegedly gets paid in his downtime to speak to the coal industry about how global warming is total malarkey.

In one corner we’ve got ‘Big’ Joe Bastardi, a Penn State grad with a Bachelor’s Degree in Meteorology and in the other corner we’ve got Bill Nye, who got his undergraduate degree from Cornell in Mechanical Engineering and has spent his entire career teaching science….So we’ve got two scientific professionals, and both of them are at odds about whether or not climate change/global warming is real.

Bill Nye just issued a $20,000 bet to ‘Big’ Joe Bastardi, claiming that global warming IS real and the data is there to back him up. Meanwhile Joe has yet to acknowledge this challenge on Twitter, where he’s constantly tweeting about how he’s predicted a warm month of March and it isn’t a surprise at all (but he still denies global warming).

It’ll be fun to see how this one plays out…and FWIW this was the WARMEST MONTH OF MARCH ever recorded, worldwide.

(via Star Talk Radio)